If not now, when then?
Start your own project.

Everything you can imagine is real.

-Pablo Picasso

Why one million ideas?

Have you ever heard about a “Hackathon”? If not, a Hackathon is an event, where people come together and work on creative solutions. But why do they only take place once on a weekend or day? Why can’t there be one, whenever you have a good idea or want to make a change? Well, that is where One Million comes in. Making your ideas a reality shouldn’t be bound to a weekend or a special occasion. We at weTHINK want to give you a platform where you are able to share and exchange your ideas at any time and any place.

Why you?

You probably asking yourself “Why me?”. Why shouldn’t it be you? You are sitting in front of your computer reading about this, so you must have an idea, already blooming in your head. Well, then get started and create your very own project!

Why now?

If not now when then? There will never be “that” time. If you keep waiting for it, you will find yourself sitting in a retirement home and wonder, where all the time has gone. Don’t waste your potential, just because you are waiting for your time to come. Take matters into your own hands and get started!

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