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Promoting political education - What do our parties stand for?


The idea behind this task is to develop a concept, possibly an app, that publishes political news and discussions.
You are free to join this project whenever you want. There are no special requirements for participation. If you have an idea, join the project and share it with the team! Every contribution is valuable - every idea must be read and shared. So click on the button below and get started!
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In addition, suitable content is to be created:
1. access to party programs and content explanations or examples
2. conduct interviews with political actors, possibly user-tuned to answer questions
3. presentations of important issues and the position of the parties to provide an overview
4. comparisons of the different European political systems in order to compare strengths and weaknesses of political systems

What is your opinion on this? Do you see the need for such an education?

Lets discuss together!

*this is a proposal from the One Million team! Feel free to join and put the idea into practice*

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